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Executive Management

General Manager - Ross Earl

The functions of the General Manager are outlined in Section 335 of the NSW Local Government Act 1993.The General Manager is responsible for the efficient and effective operation of the Council organisation and for ensuring the implementation, without undue delay, of decisions of the Council.

The General Manager has the following particular functions:
• The day-to-day management of the Council;
• To exercise such of the functions of the Council as are delegated by the Council to the General Manager;
• To appoint staff in accordance with an organisation structure and resources approved by the Council;
• To direct and dismiss staff;
• To implement the Councils equal employment opportunity management plan.


Manager of Corporate Services - Leonie Brown
Manager of Tourism and Events - Fran Carter
Manager of Road Services - Mark Gordon
Manager of Environmental Services - Dwayne Willoughby
Manager of Works - Peter Brown