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Council Contacts

Council Office
29 Mitchell St
Bourke NSW 2840
ph  (02) 6830 8000
fax (02) 6872 3030
Corporate Services

Manager: Leonie Brown

Areas of responsibility and contacts within the Corporate Services Department

Primary Objective: To develop and maintain effective administrative, strategic management, public relations, recreation and community service systems to ensure optimum benefits accrue to the community.

To provide effective financial planning and reporting to ensure Council remains in a sound financial position.  To implement revenue policies which provide a fair and equitable distribution of the rate burden and maximise revenue from user charges, regulatory fees and contributions.  To ensure effective use of information technology throughout all operations of Council. 

Areas of Responsibility

RMS Agency
Information Technology
Bourke Youth Services
Library Services


Corporate Services Contacts 

Kai Howard-Oakman Executive Assistant 02 6830 8008
Jodi Hatch Library Manager 02 6872 1924


Engineering Services

Areas of Responsibility within the Engineering Services Department 

To provide, develop and maintain Bourke's infrastructure assets in terms of its transport services (roads, wharves, boat ramps, footways, airport and aerodromes), utility services (water, sewerage, drainage and flood mitigation), buildings, village amenities, open space recreation facilities (parks, reserves, racecourse), store, depot and fleet operations, and to undertake timely and effective forward planning of the town's land use and infrastructure requirements.

Management Staff

Mark Gordon Manager Roads
Peter Brown Manager Works





Engineering Services Contacts 

Chris Morrall Roads Supervisor 0428 265 507
John Bartley Bitumen Maintenance 0417 146 644
Aaron Coyne Workshop 0437 458 482
Sandy Combe Roads Inspector 0427 948 109


Environmental Services

Manager: Dwayne Willoughby

Primary Objective
To promote, develop and maintain the natural and built environment and protect the community from risks to health and safety by properly monitoring buildings, development, food and waste services and facilitating services for a safe, clean, healthy and orderly environment which will in turn improve the quality of life for residents of Bourke.

Areas of responsibility within the Environmental Services department include:

Development control
Town planning and heritage
Health protection
Environmental protection and enhancement
Waste management
Ranger and municipal enforcement
Public swimming pool
Noxious weeds